“Lakeside Trolley offering the only hop-on & hop-off trolley service. The trolley route will travel along both sides of Seneca Lake, connecting passengers to local businesses and attractions,  a locations along The Seneca Lake Wine Trail.” According to a feature story on  https://www.fingerlakes1.com,

Lakeside Trolley routes rotate daily between the East & West sides of the lake. Each side has unique stops that we have hand picked to include a variety of wineries, breweries, restaurants & activities.

You can choose to hop off at any destination on our route. The trolley will then be back between 50 & 80 minutes, depending on today’s schedule. Then you can hop back on the trolley to another destination on our route.

The trolley will stop for a couple minutes, at each destination, to load & unload passengers: Hop on or Hop off. Tickets are $30 for the day and routes change according to the calendar schedule.