in the Finger Lakes is one picturesque experience. Reilly Smith’s blog has come with 11 signs that you definitely are living in and around the Finger lakes.

Since I am a downstate transplant, I can identify with just about all, besides swimming in the lakes every summer. I often describe living in the Finger Lakes as “alternate universe”.

The vistas are everywhere, from rolling  farms capes, picturesque villages, bountiful vineyards, abundant waterfalls to colorful sunsets. Before I officially lived here, I would arrive on a Friday eve, pull into our driveway, and often, exit my car, in aah of the star cover that felt as if it surrounded me. Sometimes it feels like I am living in a picture postcard. So how many of Reilly Smiths’, “11 signs you are living the Finger Lakes”, can you relate to? Or just come have a great experience for yourself. We welcome you!

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